/ Asbestos Awareness Courses

ASG holds courses an asbestos awareness covering: history and usage, health risks, PPE, decontamination procedures, legislation, regulations and all forms of surveys. The course also awards LBP points.

The level 1 course runs for approximately three hours and covers a wide range of topics related to Asbestos, as outlined below. We can host up to 6 people in our Christchurch offices, or deliver this training to you at your premises. The objective of this course is to provide information needed on how to avoid disturbing asbestos during normal work activities. If a worker is planning to carry out work that will disturb asbestos containing materials further training is needed.


The comprehensive course will cover the legislation requirements needed for anyone working around asbestos, or deal with asbestos related work.   

The level 1 asbestos training course covers:


  • Asbestos Awareness: 
The properties of asbestos and it history of use in the construction industry.

The common types of asbestos containing products and their common uses.

The health risks associated with asbestos.

  • Accidental contamination:
The procedure to follow in the case of an accidental contamination.

The use of an emergency asbestos kit.

  • Legislation and regulations
        Rules and guidelines

        Asbestos surveys and registers


This asbestos course is ideal for tradesmen who will be working around asbestos, or staff working in areas with asbestos products. It
especially important for people likely to disturb products containing asbestos during the course of their day (such as those working in maintenance, demolition, alteration). 

The course takes half a day (roughly three hours). It can also award Licensed Building Practitioner points.
We can also provide emergency asbestos decontamination kits, and individual PPE packs. We also offer discounted courses and products for anyone with an asbestos management plan produced by us.