/ Asbestos Surveying & Asbestos Management Plans

ASG undertakes asbestos surveys to identify asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within a building. The survey will record: locations, type, quantity, condition and risk presented. It will also produce recommendations on suitable remediation strategies.

Once a survey is completed an Asbestos Management Plan can be developed to outline the process that must be undertaken in order to manage, or in the worst cases remove, the ACMs present.

There are several types of Asbestos surveys that can be undertaken: Management, Demolition, Renovation and Presumptive.


  • Asbestos Management surveys.
The purpose is to locate and identify ACMs within the premises that may be disturbed during normal occupancy. This is a non-intrusive survey, so will result in minimal damage to the building, as its objective is to assist with the development of an asbestos management plan for the building under normal occupancy, future maintenance and/or developments to the building.
  • Asbestos Demolition surveys.
These surveys are far more intrusive than the management survey, they require all ACMs within the building to be located and identified. This inevitably involves destructive work to access hidden risers, ceiling voids etc… This type of survey must be undertaken before any demolition work is undertaken. 


  • Asbestos Refurbishment surveys.
A refurbishment survey is similar to a demolition survey, and will involve a fully intrusive search and testing method being used, however this will only be undertaken over the area(s) of the planned refurbishment.


  • Presumptive Asbestos Management survey
This is the quickest and cheapest type of survey available, but also the least reliable. It involves our team visually inspecting the property and advising on areas of potential asbestos. However, no samples will be taken, because of this the survey can only be treated as advice on potential asbestos products present.

A full report is produced for all surveys undertaken, this includes; photos of each sample location along with the results from the lab (except in the presumptive survey), a plan of the building with asbestos locations and an asbestos register.



Asbestos Management plans

Asbestos management plans are a written statement detailing the decision making process resulting in the asbestos remediation strategy adopted. Management plans can only be written once all asbestos has been identified within the premises (i.e. after the survey has been completed). They must include information about the following:


  • The identification of asbestos
  • Decisions and reasons for decisions, about the management of the risk arising from asbestos at the workplace
  • Procedures for detailing incidents or emergencies involving asbestos at the workplace
  • The workers who carry out work potentially disturbing asbestos, including: Training provided; roles and responsibilities; and health monitoring
ASG is available to assist you in the development of your asbestos management plan. We will work closely with your staff and health and safety representatives to ensure everyone understand and agrees with the decisions made in the management plan. We can also arrange health monitoring, air monitoring and asbestos awareness training for relevant staff members.